Fuse/Fusible Link Block at Battery on Lexus LX470


If you broke a fuse/fusible link trying to remove it from the fuse block attached to the battery positive, you likely didn't realize it was bolted in.  The 100 amp fuse is available at many local auto parts stores such as Autozone or O'Reilly.  The 140 amp alternator fuse will require a trip to your Lexus dealer.

To replace the fuse, find the two tabs on the passenger facing end of the underneath skirt around the block.  Release the tabs and you will see the four 10mm bolt heads.  On the firewall side of the block, a plate or bar covers both fuse tabs and therefore you are better off loosing both bolts on that side to release or insert a fuse.  Everything else is straight forward.  Do remember to take off the ground lead to that battery to avoid accidental welding.

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