Welcome, Owners of Boothbay Region Cottages

The internet can effectively offer potential guests exceptional Boothbay Region Maine experiences. Consider hosting your advertising message in 2010 at BoothbayRental.com, BoothbayHarborCottage.com, BoothbayCottage.com or FinestWaterfront.com.

Cottage owners who retain exclusive control over their cottages are qualified to purchase custom advertising messages on our sites.  The qualified cottage owner principal is basic -- you are only qualified to communicate with people who may rent your cottage if you actually have a role in and knowledge of the rental-related costs prospects are required to pay and a role in the decision to rent or not to rent.

You are disqualified to present guest messages on our web sites if your cottage is exclusively managed by another person or entity. Under such arrangement, the other person or entity controls, i.e., limits use of your cottage and you are excluded from critical roles such as setting actual rental rates charged guests and the decision to rent or not to rent.  The cottage owner may never learn actual revenue generated by their cottage and may not be knowledgeable concerning major issues related to specific rental decisions. OK for guests to be charged for services such as rubbish removal, cottage cleaning, linen rental, crib rental, etc. provided the owner has full knowledge of the actual level of such service fees charged.  Knowledge is the key to fair compensation for use of your property .

I respect the ability of others to effectively market our cottage.  I am extremely grateful to our agents for their ability to market, coordinate contracts, effect check-in/out, coordinate cleaning, and to generally represent our cottage to market.  I reserve to myself the setting of rental rates actually charged guests, including any special situation discounts or premiums, the availability of specific weeks, and the self-marketing of the cottage.  This is an extremely cooperative effort and all developed leads are forwarded to our agents as a central and informed single contact point for renters.  The agents are entitled to their normal commission and rights with respect to such leads just as if they were the sole source.  My efforts are totally cooperative.

If you would like to help other owners of Boothbay Region Cottages with decisions concerning potential rental of their cottages, please submit article ideas and articles for an on-line newsletter.  As editor and sponsor, I reserve all rights with respect to submissions, including republication rights.  Authors will be acknowledged and remain fully responsible for their submissions.

Qualified cottage owners, email sponsor to explore opportunities or to submit newsletter articles and article ideas.

Right now I am looking for someone knowledgeable regarding adverse possession of summer cottages in Maine to write an article about it.  Wikipedia has an article about adverse possession that highlights summer cottages but I want an article specific to Maine summer cottages.   Any volunteers to write this very important article?

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